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Why We Don’t Do Long Lists

From time to time I am sent a request for a count or quantity and as selection criteria I am given a long list of job titles or industries from which the client asks us to match against. In 2012 we made a decision that we would not do selections based on long lists of anything. Our reason for doing this is ...


Powerful tools to run your business

Work like you’re in the office. Even when you’re not. Working from anywhere means more than just managing your emails. It means being able to do everything you can in the office, even when you’re not: write a presentation, update it with your team, share it with your customers ...


It is well know that the subject of race is highly emotional issue in our country! But what about when it comes to marketing? Is race still a valid marketing and selection differentiator? I don't know what the answer is but I would like to find out your opinion. Please let us know what you think in the comments ...


A value proposition is a crystal clear statement of how your product or service solves the customer problems and delivers benefits that improves their situation. In our business I get to see tons of direct marketing. As data owners we get to be involved with many direct campaigns. Some campaigns fly and deliver great results and some just never get going at ...


Andy Quinan – Database Solutions

The Interactive Direct Business Database prospect supply service is outstanding. Through frequent testing with other databases over the years I have come to realize that Interactive Direct's data is of very high quality, possibly the best in SA, and their service and selection capabilities are great.


We’re Launching our Blog Soon!

Please check our blog soon for news updates from us as well as tips and tricks on how to get the most our of your direct marketing efforts.