Interactive Direct assists businesses across South Africa in building new relationships with potential clients as well as gaining new sales and marketing leads.

Mailing Lists & Sales Leads


The single most important aspect of  mailing lists is accuracy.

You can have an incredible product or service, provide a great offer, and have the most amazingly designed mail piece the industry has ever seen but if it reaches the wrong people all of that means nothing.

No one is going to use a coupon for dog food if their only pet is a gold fish.  Before you put your envelope, post card, brochure, or pamphlet in the mail be sure that it will reach the right people.


Interactive Direct Business Database


Our business revolves around direct marketing to our own Interactive Direct Business Database which compromises of over 350 000 of Southern Africa’s leading business people with their contact details carefully compiled and permissioned.

Over the years we have learned that the only way to create an effective database is to carefully compile each individual record. Our research team is faithful to this principle and handles each record on our database with care.

There are many cheap and nasty databases available out there but we do not compete in that space. Our clients are the discerning marketers who want to market the products and services effectively, accurately and efficiently by using a quality database.


Records can be selected from the Interactive Direct Business Database by the following criteria:


  • Type of Industry
  • Type of management (Such as Financial Managers, Marketing Management or IT Management)
  • Level of management (CEO, Director level, General Management, Line Management etc)
  • Size of company (measured by number of employees)
  • Geographic region (by province or city)
  • Gender
  • Ethnic group (W/C/A/B)
  • JSE listed or subsidiary of JSE listed company
  • Is company foreign or locally owned.
  • Or any combination of the above

Email Marketing


Interactive Direct uses email as a means of communicating your business message to your ideal target market. We have been utilizing email marketing from the beginning and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience using this medium.

Email marketing is all about relationship building. It has become an immensely popular medium because it is much cheaper than most other forms of communication. It is also measurable and lets you deliver your message to the people (unlike a website where the people have to come to your message). Finally, WHEN utilized correctly, it becomes one of the most valuable online marketing tactics.