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The ID Guarantee

If our lists do not exceed industry standards we will replace 100% of the defective data, completely at our own expense.

Maximum Data Accuracy

Data quality is the most significant aspect of a marketing campaign. Choose a company that stands behind theirs. 72,000 facts checked daily

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As you move from talking to your customers to engaging with your customers, you build the conversation which ultimately leads to new sales. Complete. Not complex.

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Find out how many leads fall within your demographic and geographic selection for free. No credit cards, memberships, down payments, or any other type of obligation. Our team of specialists can also provide suggestions as to what selects have work in the past for similar industries!



The Interactive Direct Business Database prospect supply service is outstanding. Through frequent testing with other databases over the years I have come to realize that Interactive Direct’s data is of very high quality, possibly the best in SA, and their service and selection capabilities are great.

Andy Quinan – Database Solutions